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The Texas UCR Program serves as the state repository for the collection of crime statistics and its primary objective is to generate reliable information for use in law enforcement administration, operation, and management. As the Program has evolved and the demand for transparency has increased, so has the demand for the data compiled under this Program. Policy makers and members of public, including the media and academia, rely upon this data for information on the fluctuations in the level of crime from year to year in their communities and throughout the state. As Texas transitions UCR from the traditional Summary Report System (SRS) to the more robust National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS), this UCR portal will serve as a tool to provide greater transparency and access to the richer crime data being reported to the Department.

To ensure accuracy in the numbers, the Department makes every effort to ensure accuracy in reporting by providing training, as well as, quality control checks on the data to ensure the validity of the data that it receives from the more than 1,000 agencies contributing to the Program. The accuracy of the statistics depends primarily on the adherence of each contributor on established standards of reporting; therefore, it is the responsibility of each contributor to submit accurate data and to correct any data found to be submitted in error. With the passage of HB 4879, as of 9/1/2023, participation in the program by law enforcement agencies is mandatory.


Crime by County per 100000 Population
Crime Count by Offense


Information About the Data

The Crime in Texas (CIT) Online Portal was developed to provide a platform for the public to access online and on demand statistical and analytical information about crime reported in the state. The Portal was designed to allow users to create unique queries utilizing specific data points associated with selected contributing entities, resulting in a more intuitive way to gather statistical data that is tailored to the needs of the requestor, without the need to make a manual request to the UCR program office.

The data available via the portal is reported in either a Summary Reporting System (SRS) or National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) format. Users may search the portal for either SRS data from 1981 to current year and NIBRS data from 1995 to current year. The FBI sunset Summary reporting (SRS) at the end of 2020, and the more detailed NIBRS data is the only submission method accepted since January 1, 2021. While data from NIBRS agencies will be converted and included in SRS search results, NIBRS specific queries will return data sets derived only from NIBRS contributors.

It is important to note that the CIT publication is a historical “point in time” document that reflects crime statistics reported to the program up to the time of publication. Crime data available through the CIT Online Portal is dynamic and reflects data that may have been reported to the program after the publication date for the CIT publication. Because of the possibility for continuous updates to the data available in the portal, users must be aware that statistics from the Portal may not align with statistics published in the CIT publication for the same given time period.